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The smart energy market is the new frontier. By 2020, nearly $6 trillion will be spent on smart energy—and businesses will be the top adopters. Home, building automation, and smart energy technologies are natural compliments to the solar industry, as automation technologies focus on using energy more productively.

Microgrids are helping to advance the U.S. energy system by being able to provide an array of grid enhancing services and behind-the-meter resiliency, flexibility and savings with clean, renewable energy—primarily solar. With the adoption of the smart grid and smart technologies, microgrids can work to provide a distributed and uninterrupted source of resilient and economical energy.

Energient has developed a proprietary monitor and control system.  The system can not only monitor the energy generation from any source, but also the energy utilization, provide historical data, calculate energy and cost savings, as well as weather monitoring and integrated predictive analytics for more accurate energy generation estimates.

Energient's engineering team designs and integrates Intelligent Microgrids that integrating the latest energy generation technologies.   From solar, wind to CHP and beyond, Energient can design, install, and monitor the right solution for your energy needs.  From a single energy generation technology to hybrid systems incorporating various technologies, Energient has the solution.

Energient provides innovative modular - pre-developed or customized systems, that deliver energy efficiency and cost savings.  

Energient’s monitoring system is the heart of the Intelligent Microgrid delivering realtime data, analysis, control, and savings monitoring for all generation technologies and utilizations.

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