SCADA Layout

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition Control System

Configuration of Alarms

System can be configured to alert administrator of any issue associated with the systems

Real-Time Monitoring

Energy generation and utilization data is monitored, compared, and stored in real-time.

Full Customization

EMO    can be customized for specific needs of the customer.

O & M Management

Operations & Maintenance have access and control as needed to ensure system operation.

Customized Reports

Ability to report various energy reports including but not limited to historic data and various data comparisons and associated savings.

IoT Integration

Ability to connect all energy utilization systems to EMO for reporting, tracking, and control.

Control Room Display & Kiosk

EMO   is capable to display specific data in a control room, kiosk for educational / awareness, as well as remote access with web connection.

Remote Controls

EMO    can be accessed remotely at anytime.





CO2 Emission Savings

EMO    can monitor the CO2 emission savings associated with the system



EMO    has full security system to ensure the safety of the entire system.


Weather Monitoring

EMO    monitors, records, and analyzes the weather to predict the solar and wind generation for the microgrid location and compares that to the actual generation.

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